Sunday, April 8, 2012

EASTER EGGS! Easter Egg How-To

I love the look of really ornate Easter eggs. This was a fun and (somewhat) easy way of making some impressive looking eggs. There are not many steps but you have to be able to free hand draw on the curvy egg surface after a few practice ones you will be a pro.

I used just a normal store egg dying kit, it was super cheap. You mix the dye per the instructions. The more vinegar the brighter the colors. Also blow out your eggs so you just have empty shells. that is the hardest step!!! ..and really gross

Just draw on your egg! Any pattern you want. Any place you color on the egg will stay white.

After your egg is dry hold it up to a flame just a little to get the wax hot, then you can wipe away your crayon marks

I just used some sharpee and prisma color markers to add some detail to my pattern.

Then you have beautiful eggs!

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