Monday, November 7, 2011

Yarn Wreath How-To

A friend of myn asked how I made the yarn Christmas wreaths, so here is a short tutorial. You will need:
A collection of buttons
Yarn (the thicker the better)

Foam wreath mold

Step 1. Mark all your stripes with a pen so they will stay even

 Step 2. Make small bundles of yarn so it is easier to manipulate around wreath

Step 3. Hot glue yarn down at starting point

Step 4. I put a coat of glue over end to keep all fibers in place. Use your finger or a Popsicle stick

Step 5. Wrap around wreath until you meet your end mark. Glue end in same fashion as start
Step 6. Begin yarn color number two at end point

Step 7. Make sure you are wrapping really tight and that you cover ever end with a new start

Step 8. Poke a hole for button and fill with glue then secure button on
Step 9. Make a small cluster of different size buttons
Step 10. Hang from some ribbon and get festive!

There will be a "back" side of the wreath so don't  worry if one side is not perfect. Keep your yarn tight the entire time, that is why the small bundles work well. I think the hardest part of this wreath is collecting the buttons. I would like to find some cool antique ones.

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